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Product Manager

Purpose:  Establish a clear scope and direction of work for the product development team to demonstrate excellence in order to drive product performance and success with our users.

At Communo we are reimagining how talent connects with the right opportunity in the marketing and creative industries. We are looking for a passionate, experienced product manager to join our mission and help shape our rapidly evolving product by driving prioritization, focus and efficiency within the product team. You will be solving hard problems and determining the best solutions for our members, while delivering on key outcomes for the business. You will work closely with engineers and designers in a full-stack team focused on developing strategies that are valuable and intuitive to our stakeholders, and work within the constraints of the business. 

We are young, but at this point in our organization’s life cycle our product manager’s scope must be clear. Your mission is to get our product delivery running like clockwork. We are in a position at the moment to ramp up our production cadence. We are looking for an experienced person to prioritize, manage and drive the multiple initiatives , and evolve our roadmap with proficiency and expediency.  Our team needs a leader who will elevate and operationalize our approach to getting THE RIGHT things done. 

You must quickly understand the vision, prioritize our roadmap, and organize our initiatives comprehensively to help us make decisions quicker, iterate more and better to ultimately transform our platform into the global leader in our industry. 


What kind of challenges will you be working on:

  • Develop a deep knowledge and understanding of our members and partners, the current industry trends, and the competitive landscape as it pertains to the product
  • Prioritize the product roadmap with the CEO/team and manage input from designated stakeholders within the business
  • Lead the overall definition of project outcomes and specific descriptions of what the end result should be or accomplish, ensuring technical feasibility
  • Develop and run an agile team, track progress and manage all development team projects
  • Measure velocity using effective tools and techniques across multiple projects 
  • Manage the cadence of the projects
  • Manage daily stand-ups ensuring priorities are clearly understood
  • Manage resources for each project. Ensure we have the right people in the right roles on the right projects
  • Remove blockers quickly and efficiently or recalibrate the team to working on new tasks if features or decisions are stalled. Reassign people between projects if necessary
  • Set milestones for the projects and ensure the team is on schedule sprint to sprint. If not, they communicate to the business (product owner) why
  • Synthesize complex problems and build clear, succinct and collaborative solutions that work with the constraints of the business 
  • Collaborate with the cross functional product team to discover effective solutions that are intuitive and valuable, and then work together to deliver those solutions to the market
  • Communicate with the sales, business, and marketing teams to inform them of when they can expect certain features to be released
  • Manage changes to the scope, schedules and budget using appropriate verification techniques
  • Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time and that the team and our customers are satisfied with the results
  • Coordinate third parties/vendors for the efficient execution of projects
  • Care about the voices of our customers to understand feedback and features to prioritize 
  • Deliver results by prioritizing and aligning the teams on the right opportunities while laying out the required trade-offs and its implications
  • Work with our COO and (future) Head of Product to create, manage and evolve the product roadmap and to ensure we have the right people at the right time to do so


The skills you’ll need:

  • To hit the ground running (it goes without saying for your driven kind of human)
  • 5+ years of product management, building strategies and executing plans from ideation to adoption
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of techniques and methods of outcome based product discovery and delivery
  • Proven agile/scrum leadership experience
  • Proficient story, brief and release plan writing for an agile project (or your own way of managing in/out of scope requirements)
  • Ability to prioritize quickly and effectively - there’s only ever ONE #1 priority (and it’s malleable)
  • Ability to manage senior stakeholders (and accept feedback)
  • Experience driving accountability and alignment within a team
  • Ability to understand technical trade-offs, opportunities, and limitations
  • Experience directly interfacing with customers
  • Experience creating boards and managing teams in Jira & Trello
  • Experience working with a remote team
  • Ability to plan and organize product demos to teams as necessary
  • Experience managing rapid prototypes 
  • Strong ability to figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgment to assess risk and solutions in a well-structured, data informed way. 
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to influence teammates, stakeholders, and key executives, through your use of data and logic
  • Able to focus on local solutions and details while being thoughtful and intentional around how they fit into the long term strategic product roadmap. 
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset: you aren’t afraid to roll up your sleeves, thrive in controlled chaos, and get things done
  • Diverse and authentic perspectives and experiences that will bring unique viewpoints to any conversation

Overall you'll work with a team and:

  • Be available and approachable
  • Ensure continuous customer value while planning and executing 
  • Encourage autonomy and input while maintaining leadership
  • Maintain a high-level roadmap for stakeholders
  • Create continuous feedback loops with customers and stakeholders

About Communo

We believe that fully employed doesn’t always mean fully engaged. And that there are true rewards in working for the many rather than working for the one.

We believe that bigger teams don’t mean bigger ideas or a bigger bottom line. And that businesses shouldn’t staff for “Just in case” but rather “just in time”.

We believe it’s not about finding full time talent. It’s about finding full value. Because, when you’ve got the right person for the job, things just go better. Every time.

We believe in access over ownership. Know-how over now what?

We are a passionate community of businesses, agencies and makers. Work givers. And work takers.

We are Communo.

And we have work to do.

We think you’ll love working with us.  Here’s why:

  • You’ll get to work in a great environment with incredibly driven people - We’re an amazing team with whom you can foster meaningful relationships
  • You are an early hire in a fast-growing startup, with ample room for career advancement
  • You’ll be part of a team that is obsessed with personal and professional growth, with endless opportunities to connect with our networks and growing communities
  • Along with competitive compensation opportunities, we’ll also make sure we reward you with generous vacation and benefits packages.

Communo is committed to creating and fostering a diverse work environment in which all individuals, inclusive of any race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, mental and physical ability, ancestry, or medical condition, can feel safe and fulfilled. We welcome all qualified individuals to apply and will connect with those who are chosen to proceed in the hiring process.


Location: Calgary 

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