Operations Experience Coordinator

Operations · CALGARY, Alberta
Department Operations
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Experienced

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Operations Experience Coordinator

Purpose: Support internal operational needs and help our teams deliver incredible experiences to our people (who ultimately, will drive the success of our business externally) while implementing the right administrative processes and practices across the organization for efficiency and profitability.  Basically, you help make our entire team more productive and successful.

As an Operations Experience Coordinator, you’re a key player in ensuring our operations staff are successful, helping them stay connected to one another and to headquarters. You’ll be an important voice within the broader team, and an empowering asset for your own team as they tackle day to day operational tasks. You’ll need to be an action-oriented self-starter who can spot what needs to be done, prioritize tasks, and mobilize the group to accomplish goals. You’re able to do all of this because of your strong presence, creative problem-solving abilities, and exceptional communication skills.

What kind of challenges will you be working on:

  • You’ll use your financial and business acumen to provide bookkeeping, financial documentation support, and accounting support. Including: 
    • accounts payable/receivable
    • follow up on outstanding payments
    • monthly financial reconciliations
    • reconciliation of accounts for month end reports for management
  • Manage Communo’s yearly calendar: 
    • Schedule events & team functions 
    • Coordinate travel and accommodation for remote people
  • Provide HR administrative support to keep our internal recruitment, onboarding and performance processes running smoothly - You will assist in administrative tasks such as interview scheduling and administratively coordinating onboarding, performance, and HR related tasks
  • You will collaborate with your team and cross-functional stakeholders to discuss, plan, and implement process improvements for operations experience - you’ll build relationships with people across the company as a way to help Operations function effectively within this growing company.
  • You’ll serve as a point of contact for any issues affecting operational efficiency, and will communicate openly and regularly with your team about recommendations
  • You will implement solutions to inefficient processes and workflows, and contribute directly to achieving organizational goals.
  • You will provide critical administrative support for the Head of HR to ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in all processes.


The skills you’ll need:

  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong organizational skills and keen attention to detail
  • Prior experience executing  operational excellence for a start-up company – you know how to scale operations with the team members and customers in mind.
  • Experience administering financial systems and tools - you know how to utilize and introduce the right tools at the right time to the right teams in the right way.
  • Experience with cloud-based accounting systems
  • Demonstrable understanding of how processes impact people's experience and the ability to ensure both are prioritized.
  • Keen customer-centric mindset.
  • You have a genuine interest in the happiness, well-being, and success of everyone on the team.
  • You care deeply, genuinely and passionately about customer support, efficiency, tools, and problem-solving.
  • You are skilled at explaining complex systems or problems succinctly and clearly, and find joy in teaching what you know to others.
  • Post-secondary degree or equivalent professional experience.

Overall you'll work with a team and:

  • Be available and approachable
  • Ensure continuous customer value while planning and executing 
  • Encourage autonomy and input while maintaining leadership
  • Create continuous feedback loops with customers and stakeholders 
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve operational efficiency and implement solutions to contribute directly to the organization's goals and objectives.

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Location: Calgary 

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